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Our start


My God Reigns was started with the purpose of giving back to those in need and saving those that don't realize they need to be saved. It was laid on my heart to reach out to those that may not know Him well or perhaps don't know Him at all.  I awoke from a deep sleep with a ton of ideas.  What if we could reinvent the image we always see of Jesus in paintings and drawings, the one that sometimes intimidates us. What if He appeared more approachable?  What if we can open a door to someone that doesn't know Him simply because He seems a little more laid-back or relaxed? What if we could present life-saving, and I mean soul-saving messages just by making Him seem a little more like one of us?  What if people who can't relate to Him suddenly could?  What if we gave them messages that were innocent on the surface but the more you consider them the deeper the messages got?  What if we could save more people by doing this?  What if by doing this we sold a bunch of shirts and could take from that money and help those that need financial help?  Well, then I think we would be on the right track to making the world a better place.  I don't miss my old job.  I only have one Boss now and I want to do the job right.  If you want to help us spread the word, just reach out to us.

God Bless, Bill