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My God Reigns tithes on all profits from your purchases.  We are always working with four different charities that do missions work.  Every time you make a purchase you will have the opportunity to decide where you want the money from our tithe to go.  We will then pass that money along to the charity you have selected.  So you win twice--you get a great product that spreads God's word and you are giving to a charity that does God's work.  Bless you! 

Our current charities are: 

1.  Penn State Thon-fights cancer in kids

2.  World Hunger-feed the hungry

3.  Smile-clef palate surgery

4.  Salvation Army-whatever is needed

On the checkout screen, under "Special Instructions To Seller", just indicate the charity of your choice.  If you don't have a preference, just leave it blank and we will break up the donation between the four charities.  Thank you!